NPO法人 「こえとことばとこころの部屋」COCOROOM
COCOROOM 特定非営利活動法人 こえとことばとこころの部屋
ココルームのことイベントメールマガジンプロジェクト コラム関連情報 サイトマップご寄付のお申し込み

Non-profit organization

The Room for Full of Voice, Words, and Hearts

The Information Shop & Cafe COCOROOM

Cafe as a home where people gather and talk

Arts, cafe, books, alcoholic drinks

COCOROOM is the information shop & cafe, managed by the art NPO, located in "Doubutsu-en mae ichiban gai shopping street".
We aim to link people each other, to be the connection of arts with the society.
It's a small cafe, but various people come everyday.
Artists, activists, aged, children, travelers ...Gathered people are rich in variety.
The atmosphere is that you can talk friendly and freely.
As the base of community, a talk show or a live event is held in night time.
Cocoroom is open for travelers as the place where you make yourself at home, the place where you can exchange information.


Coffee, tea, spiced tea, fresh-squeezed juice, lemonade etc.. 300 yen at least
Beer 500 yen at least
a clear distilled liquor “shochu”, “sake” 400 yen
Side dishes 200 yen at least
Special of the day 500 yen at least

Open 10:00 - about 19:00
We open almost everyday. If you want to know it exactly, please ask it by phone or e-mail.

1-15-11, Sannoh, Nishinari-ku, Osaka-shi COCOROOM, JAPAN 557-0001
Tel & fax: 06-6636-1612 (international code +81)

Three Themes of Cocoroom

●Expressions and Practices = “Full of Voice”

Expressions are action from active spirits by one's own will, and give one opportunity to know meaning of human being's existence tend to be lost in this mass information society.
Practices make one find courage and take the responsibility to dive into the reality.
We take these sets of action; moreover create the environment which one can easily take it.

●Conveyance and Seeking = “Words”

Words are lights. Lights effectively conveys by words have depth and expanded experience about existence of human being.
Nowadays it often says that talks and communication are important, but we think more specifically that one should seek words which be used in the region of expanded mind.
We operate what it is confirmed by words and carried on into actions.

●Independence and Autonomy = “Heart”

With changing times, the role of expressing changes to the task fundamentally relates with living.
Through these vital activities, one has opportunity to think deeply and consolidate a spirit of independence and autonomy.
The essence of our operation is steps to independence and autonomy for spreading to the future.

System of staff(As of April, 2011)

9 directors and 18 members
Five full-time staff


April, 2003

Being commissioned the administration for the Shin-Sekai Arts Park Enterprise from Osaka-shi, COCOROOM started as the voluntary organization “The Room for Full of Voice, Words, and Hearts”.

October, 2004

COCOROOM obtained status of non-profit organization. Management and producing of art event, holding workshops and outreach program, running the cafe COCOROOM for consultation service for citizens, publishing media were started.

August, 2005

The program “The job assistance cafe COCOROOM” was started. (At the end of fiscal year 2007)

April, 2006

The dialog project which crosses different fields was started. The network is spread out to various fields in talented people.

March, 2007

COCOROOM submitted the proposal document for the Festival Gate provisional public-use.

July, 2007

The office in the Festival Gate is closed.

January, 2008

“The Infoshop Cafe COCOROOM”started in Sanoh, Nishinari-ku. “Art space Coco” is managed to Higashi-yodogawa Ward until March, 2009.

April, 2008

A current activity is brought together. “COCORO NO TANE TOSHITE” (Cocoroom Pocket edition) was published.

June, 2009

“Kaman! Media center” opened, Nishinari-ku.

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